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Community Diner was founded by Ian Jury in 2010. We exist as a not-for-profit social enterprise based in the London. We run cafes and catering enterprises in and around the area, providing high quality services and playing a fun and lively part of the community. We exist for the benefit of the general public, our corporate clients, and those with disabilities and learning difficulties, who form a core part of our workforce. 

We provide all of the training, qualifications, and experience any one (with particular attention paid to those with learning difficulties and disabilities) needs to get a job and succeed in the catering industry, at the same time as opening lively, fun, interesting and inspired social hubs for the community. 

We're currently looking to expand! If you know of a cafe in a community hub - that includes arts centres, community centres, theatres, cinemas, galleries and the like - that needs management, get in touch!